Why You Need Better Than Phone Estimates For Painting Work In New Baltimore, MI

When you are looking to get paintwork done, whether you are considering exterior paintwork or interior paintwork, you first need to get some kind of estimate for the work that will be done.

There are many aspects of the paint job that go into an estimate from the place where the work will be done to what kind of work will be done — interior painting, cabinet repainting or staining, etc.

Some will tell you that you can get a good estimate for the paint job you are looking to get over the phone and that it’s just as good as getting an in-person estimate, but this is not the case at all.

Let us now look at why you need better than phone estimates for painting work in New Baltimore, MI.

It’s Impossible To Get The Full Scope Of The Work Over The Phone

When you have a particular kind of painting job that needs to be done, there are certain aspects that are simple enough to describe over the phone.

You can say, for example, that you need to have your living room painted, and that you would like a certain kind of paint.

You can even tell a person who will be doing the paintwork the size of the area that is going to be painted, whether you estimate the area or use some kind of proper measuring tool and get precise measurements for what needs to be painted.

On the other hand, it is difficult if not impossible to convey over the phone a lot of the more important things, such as if you have a certain kind of cabinet that is worth considering, or what the paint is that is underneath the first layer of paint on your cabinets.

There are also numerous scenarios that a person can encounter when they are looking to get a paint job done that only comes up when a painting contractor comes in person to make an estimate for the painting job.

If a person lives in an apartment, for example, it might not occur to them to mention to the person who is attempting to get a painting estimate on the phone with them that they live in a building that does not have an elevator and the only way that all of the materials and equipment needed for painting their kitchen cabinets is up a set of stairs.

You Cannot Get A Written Estimate Over The Phone

When you are looking to get an estimate for a painting job, you really need to get the estimate in writing for a couple of reasons.

One reason for this is that if you get an estimate over the phone, it is entirely fluid and changeable — and if you do ultimately get the work done the person can later tell you that the price that you thought you agreed on was not the price that they agreed to do and then tell you a significantly higher price.

If you have only a phone estimate to go off of, you have no recourse if the painting contractor tells you that the price you thought you were getting is incorrect.

When you have the estimate in writing, on the other hand, it’s not possible for the painting contractor to tell you that you have the estimate wrong because you have it in writing in front of you.

It’s Important To Meet Your Painting Contractor In-Person Before The Job Begins

When you are looking to get paintwork done, it’s a fundamental step to meet your painting contractor in person.

Though it likely could come across as an antiquated idea, there is something to the quality of meeting someone in person as opposed to talking to them over the phone, that gives you the kind of understanding that you need when you get to know someone, let alone someone that is going to be spending a significant amount of time in and around your home.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you meet a painting contractor before agreeing to get painting work done.

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