Why Spring Is The Best Time To Clean Your Commercial Property Exterior in Rochester, MI

When you have a commercial property, you should know fairly well that it’s important to clean it regularly — but of course, there’s a big difference between the routine cleaning that you should do every day and the more deep cleaning that people tend to do about once a year and schedule for a certain time of the year.

The question is of course — what time of the year would be best to do such a deep and thorough cleaning — the kind that typically involves things like power washing to really get your property as clean as possible.

Please join us now as we discuss why it is spring that is the best time to clean your commercial property exterior in Rochester, MI.

1. It’s Warm But Not Too Hot

When you’re thinking about when you want to want to clean your commercial property, one thing that should come into your consideration is the kind of weather that will be outside for the duration of your cleaning.

Why does the time of the year matter so much — well think about how the weather is during the different times of the year and how it affects the cleaning process.

During the summer it can get extremely hot and this makes even the standard power washing of a building more difficult.

In the fall it could be an okay time to clean, but by that time it has been so long since the sometimes devastating effects of the winter that some real damage may have been done.

In the winter of course you’re not going to go around spraying your building with water just to have that water get frozen and possibly damage your buildings.

This leaves the spring — you will have the right temperature and you’ll be able to get off all of the salt and icky stuff that you can sometimes find flying about during the winter.

When you think about how much time you spend sprinkling salts and the like on ice and snow during the winter, it makes sense to take action to remove them.

2. A Good Time To Clear Allergens

When spring time comes, the sneezes arrive in short order and this is because of the allergens that come about.

The process of cleaning the exterior of your commercial buildings will do well to clean the allergens that are often found lingering about because of the season.

The nature of the cleaning process means that you will be not only helping your commercial buildings look that much better, but it will help for people with allergies who work in and around your buildings.

3. Sets You Up For A Good Maintenance Schedule

The best way to avoid costly repairs in the long run is to have some kind of maintenance schedule that you stick with — whether this is your weekly cleaning of certain interior rooms, the periodic checking of stock of key items in places like your pantries, restrooms, etc — having a schedule is important.

When you are looking at the kind of exterior cleaning that should be done at least once a year, it’s a good idea to have this on a schedule as well — and as we have established above, starting that schedule in the spring is ideal because it is right after the snows of winter have melted away and you will be able to do the best cleaning.

Bottom Line: Do Your Exterior Cleaning During The Spring

For all the reasons we have mentioned above, you are best off when you do your yearly exterior cleaning during the spring.

It is referred to as a cleaning of the spring for a reason, after all — as it is the ideal time for you to clean up.

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