Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets Or Repaint Them in Macomb, MI?

When you’re looking at remodeling your home, one area of your home you may consider looking at updating is your kitchen — and your kitchen cabinets are a prime candidate for an update.

The big question that you will face in your journey to getting a better-looking kitchen is if you actually will need to entirely replace your kitchen cabinets or if it would be best to repaint them.

With that being the case, let us look at and consider if you should replace your kitchen cabinets or repaint them in Macomb, MI.

Replace If Your Cabinets Are Badly Damaged

One major vote in favor of replacement is if your kitchen cabinets happen to be in such poor condition that they are literally in danger of falling apart.

Even if your kitchen cabinets are not quite that bad, but you can tell that they are basically not doing so well, you can think about the cost that it might take to get your kitchen cabinets in better working order — and if that cost would be not justifiable in terms of remodeling your home versus what it might ultimately take to replace the cabinets, you may just want to replace them upfront.

The problem with repairing the cabinets is that you either have to make sure that it is done really well, which ultimately might cost more than replacing the cabinets — and perhaps a lower costing repair job might be fine but you should bear in mind that there’s a good possibility that it ultimately will need to be redone a few years down the line.

Repaint If your Cabinets Are In Good Condition But Don’t Look Right

The contrast to the above is the possibility that your cabinets are in perfectly good condition but they just, well, don’t look right to you.

It’s entirely possible that your cabinets have nothing fundamentally wrong with them, they just happen to be a color palette that is completely incompatible with your present sense of style.

Repaint If Your Budget Is Small

It could very well be that you really want to replace your kitchen cabinets, but then you get to looking at the cost of getting new kitchen cabinet and you realize that it’s a lot more money than you thought it was going to be.

As it turns out, even if you use a professional painting contractor, your average price for repainting a set of kitchen cabinets is substantially lower than replacing them.

Replace If You Want Better Technology

Kitchen cabinets do have some technology to them — at one point in the 1950’s people could get cabinets with built in flour sifters in them and CD players that mounted to their underside.

If you are looking at your kitchen cabinets and notice that they are woefully out of date in terms of technology, it could very well mean that it is time to replace them.

Repaint If You Have Environmental Concerns

As nice as it can be to get new kitchen cabinets, the toll that it can have on the environment can be rather devastating.

Imagine if you will the cabinets and what happens to them once they are hauled out of your home — they are basically destined to be taken to a landfill, where they may be living so to speak for many years to come.

The alternative for many is preferable – just repainting kitchen cabinets gives them a whole new life, and takes cabinets that were going out to pasture and allows them to live on for many years to come.

Bottom Line : It Depends

It ultimately depends on a rather complicated set of circumstances if you are going to want to consider before you consider if you want to repaint or replace your kitchen cabinets.

Whether or not you ultimately do one or the other is going to relate to which you find to be most relatable to you.

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