Pros And Cons Of Painting Your Brick Exterior In Rochester, MI

When you have a brick home, one question that can come to the forefront is whether or not you should paint the exterior of your home.

This is a question that you need to deliberate well because, as will be detailed below, you cannot go back from painting the exterior of a brick building.

There are certain pros to having a painted brick exterior, but it is worth knowing that there are also some negatives that go along with it.

This being the case, let us look at some pros and cons of painting your brick exterior in Rochester, MI.

Pro : Easier To Clean A Painted Brick Exterior

When you have a brick exterior, it’s often more difficult to clean as the material is porous and therefore more prone to getting dirt and grime stuck inside.

When you paint the brick exterior, you turn the exterior from being porous to being non-porous, and this makes the exterior of your home much easier to clean.

Con : You Need To Clean More Often

As good as it is that you are able to clean the exterior of your home more easily when you have painted brick, it is often found that you need to paint more often.

This is the case because the dirt is considerably more visible when the surface is painted than it is when it is not painted.

Of course, if the appearance of the dirt does not bother you, this is not such a negative thing.

Remember, however, that putting off cleaning ultimately makes it more difficult to clean in the long run.

Pro : Protects Against Bad Weather

Brick being as porous as it is, it is susceptible to the elements — whether this comes in the form of rain that at times even looks like it is coming in at an angle or the most unpleasant of cold snow.

The process of painting your brick exterior gives it a layer of protection against this kind of thing, as the nature of paint is that it is not porous and therefore stronger against the elements.

There are some paints that are even suitable to protect your home against UV exposure, which would otherwise damage your brick exterior if left entirely untreated.

Con: Cannot Be Undone Easily Or At All

When you paint a typical home, it is possible to remove the paint if you do not like the way that it looks — the paint can be stripped off of the exterior.

Brick, on the other hand, is different in that you cannot easily remove paint from the surface in that the brick has taken in some of the paint and therefore removing it entails damaging the surface of the brick to some extent.

Even if you manage to remove all of the paint from the brick, it will not look at all like the brick did prior to painting.

That being the case, you should be absolutely certain that you will want to paint your brick exterior prior to taking on the painting project.

Pro : You Can Change The Color By Painting A New Coat

Even though you may now have painted brick, you don’t have to stay with the same color forever.

There is a great world of colors available to you in terms of painting your brick exterior.

You don’t have to wait for a set amount of time to pass before you paint anew — you can paint the exterior of your home when you wish.

Bear in mind that you do need to get paint that is meant for exterior use, and ideally meant for painting brick.

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