Interior Home Colors and Your Mood in Rochester, MI

When you are looking at painting the interior of your home, the choice of color is one of the things you need to consider.

There are many things that will influence your choice of color, but mood is one of the ones that people do not think about as actively — yet it is an important thing to consider for your home interior color.

With that being the case, let us look at some interior home colors and your mood in Rochester, MI.


Orange is the kind of color that you would immediately associate with the fruit of the same name.

There are good aspects to orange in that it can bring about a sense of positive feeling,full of happiness and energy.

Conversely, however, orange can be associated with a sense of deprivation as well as raising your frustration, so be aware that this is also a possibility.

When you are considering the color orange, you may want to avoid certain rooms of the house and stick to other rooms — it would be hard to imagine painting your kitchen orange, for example, but there are certain shades of orange that would be perfectly acceptable as an accent wall or that would work well for a bedroom.


The color red is quite a powerful one and brings to mind quite a number of things, many to do with strength and excitement.

In terms of mood, the color red can be associated with a sort of excitement and can also be related to the increase of appetite as well as a feeling of self-confidence.

On the other hand, the color red does have some negative aspects as well as it has associations with both aggression and defiance.

In terms of placement in your home, you may want to think about using some shades of red to go into your kitchen as it would go well with increasing the appetites of the people within as well as possibly being good for a dining room.


Green is one of the most pleasant colors that you can choose for your home — if you go out into nature, green is one of the most abundant colors that you will find — can you just think of how many shades of green there are in a typical forest, for example?

In terms of mood, green can be found to bring about a sense of calm and peace and also promotes a sense of harmony and balance.

The downside of the color, if you will want to call it that, is that it can also promote a sense of boredom, but it is unlikely that if you are a lover of nature that you will find this to be the case.

Given the very nature of the color, you can just imagine that the color green would go very well in a living room, a bedroom, or even possibly the kitchen, depending on what shade of green you choose to use.


The color pink has for quite a long time been associated with femininity though for many years before that it was more traditionally a color meant for boys — there are images of boys in pink clothing going back many years and quite an impressive article by the Smithsonian Museum about the color, if that’s your thing.

Pink has connotations of sensuality and passion, which is why some people will say that it is not the right color to use for many rooms of the house.

There are those who will say that the color pink gives off the sense of physical weakness, for some reason, and so of course for those people the color is entirely wrong for use in their home.

If you are fond of the color pink you may find that it is good for a bedroom, though for people who really like it, it may be just as good to use in every room in the home.

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