How to Paint Exterior Trim like a Pro in Shelby Township, MI

When you are looking to paint the exterior trim of your home, there are many routes you will look to follow to make your home look as good as possible.
There are quite a few things to take into consideration to ensure that your home has a good outward appearance from season to season.
With the right knowledge on hand, you’ll be able to paint your exterior trim quite well and have passersby admire, and even increase your curb appeal if you are looking to ultimately sell your home at some point down the road.

With that in mind, here is a good guide to how to paint exterior trim like a pro in Shelby Township, MI.

Color Maximum

When you are looking to choose colors for your home’s exterior and trim, you should try to limit the number of colors of three.

In addition to being considered a lucky or magical number, three is the right number in terms of having your house keep a certain good look to it.

Going over three colors for your home would not be an earth-shattering thing, of course, but it would be better to keep the number to three or fewer to keep the house looking better.

A Color That Looks Great Online May Not In Person

Say you see a color on a paint selection site — and that color looks fantastic.
The fact of the matter is that it’s entirely possible that the color that looks great on your computer screen might not look as good in person.
Do yourself a favor and get some real-life samples of paints in the form of either paint chips or larger cards that you get painted to see how the colors will look in reality on your home.
You should try to get a feel for how the color looks in a variety of settings including during the day and at night.

Consider The Color Of The Year From Pantone

Every year, the company Pantone comes out with what they call the color of the year, the selection process being… varied from year to year, let us say.
The color of the year for 2020, for example, is classic blue — so if you want to paint the exterior of your trim in a color that is particularly “happening,” so to speak, you might want to consider using classic blue or a variation of it.

Shutters And Window Boxes To Match

The color that you choose for your shutters should be the same color that will ultimately go on your window boxes.
The color coordination can go one step further by painting plantings in a shade of paint that is either the same or that coordinates well with that color.

Front Steps and Garage Door

It’s important not to forget about your front steps and your garage door, as everyone who will visit your home will see these at some point in time, whether when they first approach your home or when they are leaving.
You are therefore going to want to choose colors for these that are going to make some kind of impression on visitors — the kind that will stick with them in the long run so they remember your home long after they leave.

Remove Shutters And Doors Before Painting

Though you can certainly paint your shutters and doors while they are hanging up, you’ll have a much better time painting them if you bring them down first and put them on something solid.
You would, of course, hang up the shutters and doors once they have fully dried.

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