How To Choose The Paint Finish For Your Commercial Paint Job in Chesterfield, MI

One of the tasks involved in painting your commercial space, whether it is the interior or exterior, is to decide exactly what kind of paint finish you are going to use when you are painting.

Each paint finish is, of course, different and so the issue is to make the decision based on what the needs are of the paint finish and therefore which paint finish will be ideal for that particular need.

With that being the case, here is how to choose the paint finish for your commercial paint job in Chesterfield, MI.

Will It Be For Exterior Or Interior Use

The first question that you have to ask yourself when you are considering what kind of finish you will be using is whether the paint job you are going to be doing is interior or exterior.

Though this might not seem like such a big thing and that it would not have any impact on your decision-making process, it absolutely should because things change depending on whether the painting will be happening inside or not.

Specifically, when you are going outdoors for painting a commercial space you are not going to want to use glossy paint because it is too shiny, and you won’t want to use matte paint either because it is just too dull, but rather you are going to want to use eggshell paint because it is the right balance of shiny and not shiny.

If you are going to be doing indoor painting there are further questions that you should consider.

Is The Area You Are Painting Going To Have A Lot Of Traffic?

Though the question of whether the area you are going to be painting might not seem like it has anything to do with the kind of paint finish you will be using, it is actually quite important.

This is because the paint finish you choose will have different qualities to it that are impacted either positively or negatively by foot traffic or lack of therein.

When you have a paint finish that is shinier, it is easier to clean and when it is less shiny (such as a matte finish) it is more difficult to clean.

If you have an area that is low in traffic, such as a conference room that is only used once in a while for gatherings of people at the office, you won’t necessarily have the cause to clean the walls because there won’t be that much foot traffic.

On the other hand, a room such as an office pantry will have quite a lot of people coming through it on a regular basis and on top of that, there will be people eating food and perhaps even cooking food in one or two microwaves — this all has the potential to make for stains to get on the wall.

Since the stains will be there and there invariably will be a need for someone to clean it up (on occasion you will have an office where people take turns cleaning or they hire an office cleaning crew) and if you want that to be easier for them to do (whoever is cleaning the walls) you should have a finish that is shiny as that is the easier finish to clean.

It would be a mistake to get a matte finish for a break or pantry room because often when that kind of paint is cleaned, some of the paint comes up with the stains and that will ultimately lead to the walls needing to be painted again.

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