Floor Coating Choices For Your Commercial Building in Shelby Township, MI

When you have a commercial building, flooring and the coating that protects it can be a rather important matter, especially if you have any sort of foot traffic that comes through — the coating on your flooring can make a difference between customers having a positive and negative experience.

Even when you don’t have customers, it’s good to have the kind of flooring that will be more pleasant for people working there, in terms of the toughness of the floor as well as the smoothness and general texture.

With that being the case, here are some floor coating choices for your commercial building in Shelby Township, MI.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is typically made of a resin part as well as a hardener part.

A good epoxy flooring will not be too difficult to install (particularly if you use a commercial painting company to do it) and when installed will last a good twenty or so years.

Typical uses for epoxy flooring is in places like a garage, where it is important to be able to clean up the flooring quickly and relatively easily, as there are many times that you will see spills occur.


Polyurethane was invented as a substitute for rubber in the 1940’s and has many commercial uses.

It can be used in liquid, solid, and even in foam form — and one major benefit of it is how incredibly elastic and difficult to destroy it is.

It helps floors to be resistant to rust, which is an important thing

It’s also good in terms of aesthetics — polyurethane is one of the better looking floor coatings.

Anti-Slip Coating

The benefit of anti-slip coating should be fairly evident from the name, but the application of the coating is quite impressive indeed.

Anti-slip coating can be made to be anti-microbial as well, which depending on the setting can be extremely useful — in areas where you have a lot of foot traffic, killing the nasty stuff that tracks in on people’s feet can be quite important.

Anti-slip coating can often be found in settings where it is important that the people that regularly go through are not going to fall down no matter if there is some moisture found on the ground, for example in the kitchen of a restaurant where there are the spills that happen and yet it is urgently important that nobody fall.

Anti-slip coating can sometimes also be found in settings like plants where machinery is wheeled back and forth and of course it is important that the workers not possibly fall down.

Decorative Floor Coating

Decorative floor coating is the kind of floor coating that has a purpose of purely looking as good as possible, and is usually found in places such as indoor amusement parks, stores that have the goal of attracting a certain clientele, and of course the average supermarket that wants to have a certain style to all of their member supermarkets.

Decorative floor coating is distinctive in that it is meant to look a certain way and can start off with an epoxy base but then has added elements such as pebbles or even flakes that have a certain look to them and enhance the flooring.

The good thing about decorative flooring is that it can be combined with other important elements, such as anti-slip elements that will prevent the customers of a supermarket from falling down after the floor has been cleaned or even anti-microbial elements that will help the overall health of your commercial location.

Thermal Shock-Resistant Coating

Thermal shock-resistant coating is good for standing up against heat, the kind of heat that can come from using a powerful hot washing system to clean the flooring.

This can be useful in any commercial setting in which the flooring needs to be regularly washed and the sort of washing used is hot in nature.

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