[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]They say it’s what’s inside that counts… And most of the time they’re right. But when you own or manage a commercial or office building, it behoves you to keep your mind on the exterior, too! If you don’t, you could be leaving your workplace or your business with something of an image problem. Kerb appeal is not just the consideration of residential properties, it’s something that commercial buildings should also consider.

Think about how poorly maintained, faded, damaged, peeling or flaking paintwork could cast unwelcome aspersions on your business and your brand. Rightly or wrongly, fairly or unfairly, human beings have a tendency to make snap judgments based on physical appearance. Is your building’s exterior saying all the right things about you to your clients, customers, stockholders and employees?

Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations which must be borne in mind when planning exterior painting for commercial buildings

Sealing the Cracks and Fixing the Foundation

Exterior decor, like anything else in life, needs to be built upon a strong foundation. Unless you address issues like structural damage or corrosion you’re literally just painting over the cracks. A trustworthy commercial painting specialist will alert you to potential structural issues before starting work.

Even aside from corrosion and potential issues, your exterior should be free of cracks (these should be sealed up) and power washed prior to the commencement of painting work. Old paint should also be scraped off in its entirety. When it is left on it can compromise the integrity of new paint and lead to an unpleasant, scabrous look.

Exterior Building Painting

Environmental Factors and Exterior Painting

Are there any environmental factors that you need to consider before you proceed with painting work? There may be other nearby buildings which adhere to a uniform color scheme. Part of your lease may include keeping the exterior of the building within that color scheme. Even if you are allowed to paint your exterior whatever color you want, it might be worth asking yourself how much you want to stand out in your neighborhood. By all means draw attention to your business and your brand, but consider an appearance that is harmonious with your surrounding environment.

Choosing Your Colors for Commercial Exterior Painting

Colors have meanings. If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely agonized over the colors used in your logo and branding as well as the psychological impact they would have on your clientele and employees alike. But color on a logo is one thing, color on the exterior walls of a building is something else. You’ll need to find a color scheme that matches your established branding while still making our building look inviting.

Commercial Exterior Painting

How Our Exterior Commercial Painters Can Help

We offer a comprehensive exterior painting service for commercial buildings. We cover every aspect from consultation and preparation right through to the implementation and maintenance of the paintwork itself. We even offer more specialist services like murals and wallcoverings, elastomeric painting and coating and epoxy painting and coating.

We’re an independent, family-run business and have been bringing our skills to bear on the workplaces of Detroit since we first started out in 1998. We firmly believe that the secret to our two decades of success lies in our ability to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and provide comprehensive paint solutions that stand the test of time. Needless to say, we couldn’t build these relationships without a steadfast commitment to quality and attention to detail.

We deliver outstanding exterior decor to offices, churches, schools, industrial facilities, restaurants, retailers and other companies… And we can’t wait to tell you what we can do for you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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