Is your commercial or industrial building looking a little it rundown? If so, it’s natural to assume that extreme measures must be taken. You start to search for local building contractors who can help remove your commercial/industrial structures. But, what if we told you that you can extend the life of your commercial building with maintenance painting?

Maintenance painting, or commercial painting, offers much more than your typical paint job. At TD Painting and Wall Covering, we provide an extensive service that can help breathe new life into your commercial building and ensure that certain areas last longer than expected.

The question is; how will maintenance painting actually extend the life of your building? Well, there are a few things it can do to benefit your business:

Manage Corrosion Protection via Maintenance Painting

As time goes on, your commercial or industrial building can become susceptible to corrosion. This is a particular problem in industrial settings where a lot of moisture is generated. When corrosion happens, it leads to damages in your building. The walls or ceilings start getting worn down, which makes them lose some of their structural integrity. Not only that, but they look horrible as well, which reflects poorly on your business.

With maintenance painting, we offer a way to protect your building from corrosion. By applying the right coating system to your walls and ceilings, we prevent corrosion from happening. In turn, this can extend the life of your commercial building as you no longer have to worry about the walls or ceiling literally wasting away!

Slow The Signs Of Aging with Maintenance PaintingSlow The Signs Of Aging with Maintenance Painting

Maintenance painting can also be used to slow down the signs of aging in your commercial property. If your building is decades old, then it will naturally start to look a bit ancient. The color of the structures begin to fade, and you see signs of wear and tear start to appear.

When a commercial painting job is carried out, we go to great lengths to ensure the ideal preparation is taken. This involves sanding down surfaces and removing signs of wear and tear. We create the perfect conditions to start laying down new coatings of high-quality paint. This includes a primer that will delay the natural signs of aging. As a result, it makes your commercial building look a lot newer than it actually is.

By slowing down the signs of aging, we boost the life expectancy of your commercial property. From the outside, it looks like a more modern structure, and it stays in this condition for many years to come.

Maintenance Painting Offers Protection From Harsh WeatherMaintenance Painting Offers Protection From Harsh Weather

Your commercial property will have to stand up to some very harsh weather conditions. Rain will batter it, the wind will howl at the walls, and you could end up with some snowfall too. You don’t get much respite in the summer months either as the sun can damage your property too.

All of this means that your commercial building is under a lot of pressure all throughout the year. It’s easy for parts to become damaged and worn, and you need a way to stop this. If you had parts of the building renovated by a building contractor, then this won’t really solve the underlying problem. Sure, they can build new walls and replace worn down or cracked brickwork, but the cycle will continue. In a few years, the new structures will end up looking just as bad.

So, maintenance painting helps by offering protection from the harsh weather conditions. The paint we use is specially designed for your particular building. We take everything into account to ensure that it stands up to years of bad weather without suffering any problems. Your commercial building is well protected, which prevents damages from occurring due to weather.

Maintenance Painting Is A Cost-Effective Way To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Building

One of the critical benefits of maintenance painting is that it’s so cost-effective. You don’t just pay for a service that improves the visual appeal of your building – you get one that extends its life as well. Therefore, you can save so much money on current and future repairs. By using this particular type of commercial painting, you help your building stand up against all the common signs of wear and tear. Corrosion and weather damage are no longer an issue, and your property looks newer for longer.

If you’re looking for professional maintenance painting in the Metro-Detroit / Southeast Michigan Region from a company you can trust – then feel free to contact us today. Our commercial painters will provide the perfect solutions to your problems. We carry out exceptional maintenance painting for offices, churches, schools, industrial facilities, retailers, and more. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll provide more information on what we can do for you.

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