You’ve heard the old adage, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”- but unfortunately, that’s exactly what people do. The cover of the book is exactly what makes people decide if they want to read the book or leave it on the shelf. Your storefront is the “cover” of your business and will help potential customers decide whether they want to enter or not.

Your storefront is the advertisement for your business in Michigan. Like the cover of a book, your storefront indicates to your potential customers what they can expect to find. If it looks good, you’ll have all the traffic you can handle. On the other hand, if it looks bad, you’re basically telling them to just keep going- they wouldn’t be interested in what you have to offer.

The professionals at TD Painting & Wallcovering in Chesterfield, Michigan have some things to say about enhancing your storefront with exterior painting to entice some new business.

Why Does it Matter?

While it is true that every part of your storefront plays a role, the condition of the building is what sets your overall tone. Our contractors have dealt with a wide variety of storefront challenges caused by worn-out materials, weather, pollution, and more. Unfortunately, if your building looks bad, your potential customers may feel like the quality of products and services you have to offer would be just as abysmal.

A bad first impression can cost you lots of business. You want your storefront to be clean and welcoming and most of all- reflect your brand. In order to get to that point, TD Painting & Wallcovering suggests that you keep the following in mind:

Make Sure your Base Material Looks Good

First and foremost, you want to make sure the building is in decent condition. If your building appears to be old and worn out, you’ll want to consider rejuvenating it. We can help you do that. Sometimes, you just need a thorough power washing to knock off some of the grease, dirt, grime, and other elements left behind from years of exposure to the environment.

Often, concrete block construction develops cracks and pockmarks. Some contractors would tell you to just cover them with stucco. That’s not going to prevent chips in the future. What you really need is repair.

Wood frames and buildings often develop rot over the years. At TD Painting & Wallcovering, we are more than just painters. We offer a wide variety of services that can help you give your storefront a facelift.

Pay Attention to Window Frames

Your windows grab the attention of people as they are passing by your business. The frames of the windows make a big difference in the appearance of your building. Wood frames often rot, get chipped, and the paint peels. By having them cleaned and repaired, you make your storefront look so much better. The same applies to aluminum frames- but painting aluminum is an art. The professionals at TD Painting & Wallcovering have the technique mastered. We know what we’re doing.

Check your Doors

The doors to your business are the ultimate first impression. They can make your potential customers feel welcome or they can make them have second thoughts. As long as the frames are in decent shape, glass doors offer plenty of benefits. On the other hand, wood doors are quite impressive because their color and condition are what set the mood.

Consider the Color of your Building

You really need to give some serious thought to this aspect of your storefront. The color you choose for the exterior of your business can make or break your brand. It can send a strong brand message and also complement your marketing materials. Of course, you may wish to speak with your marketing specialist to come up with some ideas- but when it comes time to implement them, give the professionals at TD Painting & Wallcovering a call. We will be happy to give your storefront a facelift.


Believe it or not, upgrading your storefront can make a huge difference in your bottom line. If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, schedule an appointment today for a free estimate. We’ll explain everything we can do for you to ensure that your storefront brings in more customers- instead of scaring them away.

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