You might not think that there’s a whole lot of skill or knowledge necessary to be a good commercial painter, but this is far from the truth. In fact, most of the very best commercial painters have a great many skills, some of which are specific to the job, and some of which are general skills that allow them to achieve a level of true proficiency. Here are some of the skills and talents which have usually been mastered by the best commercial painters.

Skills Possessed by Commercial Painters

Any good commercial painter must have good communication skills, so they can determine exactly what the client wants. In many cases, clients are not really sure what they want or need, and this is where communication skills can help to draw them out. Having a good sense of aesthetics is a valuable skill to have as well, because clients will often call on some kind of judgment from you and ask for your advice. It really helps in such situations to have a sense for what looks good and appealing.

Being detail-oriented is also an invaluable characteristic to have, because it means you pay close attention to every aspect of the job you’re performing. That makes it much more likely that a client will be satisfied with the work you’ve done.¬†Another skill which is not necessarily related to the job itself, but which can be purposefully applied to commercial painting is having good time management skills. Many commercial painters work alone, and must work efficiently without being supervised, thus being able to complete a job within the agreed-upon time frame.

There are also a number of skills required by good commercial painters which are specific to a painting career. It’s very necessary to be familiar with all the various tools used by a professional commercial painter. Some of these include brushes, scrapers, sanders, rollers, and even texturing tools to create various types of effects. It’s essential to know exactly how each of these should be used, so the maximum effect can be achieved.

It’s also necessary for a commercial painting contractor to be familiar with all the materials associated with the job, e.g. primers, sealers, varnishes, and finishes. If the wrong material is chosen for a job, it could shorten the life of the paint job which has been done. One last essential skill for commercial painters is having adequate physical strength and dexterity, as well as good balance. It’s often necessary to move some relatively heavy materials safely and efficiently. Having good balance will help you to avoid dangerous falls off roofs and ladders.

Where Can you Find the Best Commercial Painters?

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