Choosing Neutral Colors or Branded Colors For Commercial Interior Painting in Rochester, MI

The interior walls of your commercial buildings may not seem all too relevant when it comes to color selection, but the colors that you choose can have an impact on your business.

Though some might infer that there aren’t too many choices that you have in terms of interior paint colors, what it really comes down to is whether you will use more neutral colors or colors that go along with the colors of your company’s brand.

Each of these has positive sides, which we will discuss in greater detail further below.

With that in mind, let us consider choosing neutral colors or branded colors for commercial interior painting in Rochester, MI.

Neutral Tones Are Versatile

A neutral color is one that has the appearance of not having color.

They can be colors such as grey, beige, black, white, and brown, giving ample space for things to go well together alongside them.

When it comes to interior colors for your commercial property, using neutral colors for your interior walls means that you have a greater range of possibilities in use of furniture and the like.

Neutral colors are less distracting than the colors that are related to your brand, and are still considerably more colorful than going with just black and white for your interior walls.

Neutral colors are good in that it goes well with any sort of decorating style, from Scandinavian to Southwestern.

They are colors that are exceptional and without a sense of going out of style.

Brand Colors Are Better For Customers That Come Into Your Office

If you have the kind of commercial setup where your customers come in, it is better that they see the colors that are associated with your brand.

Seeing the colors that are related to your brand remind them of the colors related to your brand.

Just think about the kinds of people that go into a coffee shop after seeing the sign outside the building with a certain color scheme, then seeing that color scheme inside the shop, and then finally of course seeing the same kind of color scheme on the cups they will be carrying out with the coffee — it all goes together.

Neutral Tones Are Better For Your Eyes

Neutral colors are also better as far as eye strain goes, insofar as it is much easier on your eyes and are better for helping with concentration and general eye strain.

Though brighter colors can be nicer overall in terms of visual appeal, it is entirely possible that it could be more harsh on your eyes

Branded Colors Bring Together Your Company

When people who work for your organization see the branded colors that are painted in your commercial space, they may be reminded of their role in your organization and how they help support you.

It can be just the kind of thing to bring together your company culture under the banner of the colors of your company.

Interior Photos Will Look Much Better If You Use Branded Colors

In the course of doing business, you will on occasion take photos of the people in your organization under different circumstances.

When you take the photos, your team members will be in front of at least one of the walls of your office, which will be painted with the colors associated with your brand.

When you share the images that you take either in person or on any sort of social media, the people that see it will also be able to be reminded of your brand and the colors associated with your brand.

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