Painting your factory is about much more than just aesthetics

At TD Painting and Wall Covering, we’ve been helping clients to meet their industrial painting needs throughout the Metro Detroit area and Southeast Michigan for more than 20 years. With deep experience in virtually every substrate, facility type, paint class and application process, we are the area’s leading contractor for industrial paint applications.

Aesthetics matter, but that’s not the only reason to keep your facility’s coatings in top condition

Many studies have found strong links between employee productivity and the work environment. Certain color schemes have even been linked to increased employee morale. In particular, primary colors, especially red, have been found to stimulate activity in employees whereas browns and other drab colors have been shown to inhibit workplace performance.

The reality is that the precise color scheme chosen for a workplace environment isn’t going to make or break a business. However, many factory managers can never bring themselves to spend the money needed to maintain impeccable coatings throughout their companies’ industrial work spaces. All too frequently, this can lead to dilapidation and an outright shabby appearance of the spaces where a company’s key employees spend a significant portion of their lives. And that is guaranteed to have a negative effect on productivity.

When factory painting is done by professionals, it can make a vast difference in the impression you leave on employees, prospective customers and business partners. Skilled factory painters can turn a frankly depressing-looking facility into a visually state-of-the-art manufacturing operation. The difference that professionally done coatings can make for your factory can be truly astounding.

Your factory is your operation

In today’s competitive manufacturing space, suppliers, clients and partners want to know who they’re working with. Professional factory painting will leave your facility looking tip top. And people cannot help but to be instilled with confidence upon entering a glistening manufacturing facility where the floors, equipment, walls and ceilings of the production floor have been every bit as meticulously attended to as the front office. Factory floors that are made pristine through professional factory painting have the power to captivate potential clients and partners, helping your business to gain a critical edge in vying for contracts over less-detail-oriented competitors.

Industrial coatings play a crucial protective role

When it comes to manufacturing spaces, hiring professional factory painters can do much more than improve the appearance of your factory. Industrial space and particularly factories undergo far more intense wear than other types of commercial properties. One of the best ways to mitigate the wear that these spaces inevitably suffer from heavy use is to stay on top of surface-coating maintenance.

In particular, any steel surface that is not stainless is highly vulnerable to rusting. Rusting of steel surfaces is a leading cause of equipment replacement in the manufacturing sector. This is particularly true of steel tanks, which can have their useful lives significantly extended through simple attention to coating maintenance.

Another issue that is particular to the manufacturing sector is the exposure of steel beams, railings, stairs, walkways and equipment to ambient steam or acid. Factories that have in-sourced anodizing and other processes that entail the use of steam, acid or both often find that both their coatings and the underlying structures that those coatings protect are subject to rapid wear. Our factory painting professionals have the right paints and application processes to successfully fight corrosion in factories that produce high levels of ambient acidity, temperature or moisture content.

When is the right time to paint a factory?

As the leading industrial painting contractor in the Detroit metropolitan area, we too often see the consequences of industrial painting jobs that have been put off for long enough to cause serious consequences, including the loss of equipment, contracts and, in a few unfortunate cases, even lives. However, we also understand that the decision to undergo a multi-thousand-dollar project that may require production interruptions is no trivial thing. That’s why we maintain high levels of flexibility, encouraging factory managers to pursue re-coating at a time and in a way that minimizes disruption and long-term cost.

The right time to repaint your factory, therefore, will be when doing so minimizes your long-term costs. This typically means catching a paint job that is beginning to show signs of serious wear early, before flaking, chipping and abrasion cause large areas of the building’s structure and pieces of equipment to suffer potentially damaging exposure.

A re-coating should also clearly be undertaken before a factory’s aesthetics suffer to the point where it could be leaving negative impressions on potential clients and partners or causing employee demoralization.

Staying on top of paint maintenance is key when it comes to compliance

No factory manager needs to be reminded of the minefield that is industrial regulation in the United States. Rules can be costly to follow and even costlier to violate. Correctly maintaining your factory’s coatings can be a major part of compliance, no matter what industry you may be working in.

For example, certain pipes may need to be color coded for firefighters. Depending on the nature of an operation, crosswalks, traffic lanes and areas containing hazardous machinery or materials may be required by law to follow certain paint or labeling criteria. Our professional painters have extensive background knowledge in all of these areas and can help you and your facility remain in compliance.

Another issue that we’ve been called upon to remediate is manufacturers who have previously been in compliance but who have sought out contracts in new industries and, as a result, are no longer able to meet the requirements of their clients or partners. In many sensitive industries, so much as chipped paint on a walking surface can be a serious regulatory violation. If you are facing uncertainty regarding the compliance of your factory’s paint, we can help you successfully navigate these complex issues.

Many jobs can be completed quicker than you might think

At TD Painting and Wall Covering, we can typically handle the painting of a 10,000-square-foot factory over the course of a single weekend. Our highly flexible crews can also work around the clock and on short notice, enabling us to work at times when production is least likely to be affected, including for just-in-time facilities.

The majority of our customers operate smaller manufacturing facilities. But we have handled plenty of large or even mega factories. As the size of the operation increases, so does the complexity of a re-coating project. However, larger factories can often be tackled in a piece-wise fashion, with lower levels of interruption than you might expect.

The bottom line is that, as the leading Southeast Michigan industrial painting contractor, we have the experience, knowledge and skills to handle re-coating projects on everything from the smallest assembly operations to major automotive plants. Our professional coating experts can help your business achieve the aesthetics and protection that it requires.

To learn more about our advanced coating maintenance services, please visit our website and feel free to contact us.

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