Avoid These Mistakes Before Hiring A Commercial Painter in Chesterfield, MI

In an ideal world, hiring a commercial painter would be a simple thing — you would look up the nearest one, have them come over, they would start the work, finish the work, and you would get a job well done in exchange for the painter or painters being paid.

In the real world, unfortunately, there are too many commercial painters that are looking to take advantage of companies that just don’t know better and so they get away with money without having done any significant work — or even worse, the job they do is so poor that you have to hire a second company to fix all the mistakes that the first company made.

With that in mind, here are the mistakes you should avoid before hiring a commercial painter in Chesterfield, MI.

1. A One Person Operation

There are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, you will have to give a company a second look if it’s exactly one person and he or she claims that he will be able to do an enormous paint job in a short time.

Ideally  a commercial painter will have a team of people ready to paint your commercial property — and do it right.

2. Finishing Payment Before Job Completion

Some commercial painters you will encounter will ask that you pay for the full amount of the agreed contract well before they have finished work.

These are commercial painters that you will want to avoid.

Any commercial painter worth their salt would not dare take the final payment for the commercial painting contract until they do the last stroke of the paintbrush and it is ready for you to survey and approve.

3. Being Unlicensed

Nothing screams “Get Away” like a commercial painter that hesitates when you ask about their being license — there is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that the commercial painter you are hiring is licensed.

If, for example, they tell you they absolutely have a license but it is at the frame shop… consider a different commercial painter.

Having a licensed commercial painter is the only way that you will know for sure you are getting a job well done.

4. Being Uninsured

In the world of commercial painting, there are so very many things that can go wrong — accidents happen, and if / when they happen, who pays for the damages?

If your commercial painter doesn’t have any insurance, the person paying for the damages may very well be you!

Make sure that your commercial painter is insured before agreeing to hire them.

5. Verbal Agreement / Lack Of Written Contract

There are too many horror stories of people hiring commercial painters and having a so-called verbal contract, or spoken agreement, that a certain amount of work will be done for a certain amount of money.

Suddenly they might come back to you and say oh no… we didn’t agree on this sum of money… I’m sure you said you would give us this sum of money.

Without a written contract you have nothing to prove that the amount of money for an agreed-upon job.

6. Lack of References

Any good commercial painter will be able to provide you with references — previous happy customers that have put down their appreciation for the commercial painting company in writing or, sometimes, a video.

Look for references on the painter’s web sites and if you don’t see any, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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