7 Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal in Rochester, MI

In the world of home selling, one key phrase that comes up again and again is ‘curb appeal,’ which refers to the perceived value of a home as seen from someone that is walking by on the sidewalk or even driving by in their car — they are close to the curb and looking at the house.
With the right tweaks to your home, you can actually improve your curb appeal such that if you do consider ultimately selling your house sometime in the future, you can get a better sale for it, which most people selling their homes consider to be a good thing.

With that in mind, let us look at seven ways to improve your curb appeal in Rochester, MI.

1. Painted Door

As simple as it may seem, doing something like painting your front door can do quite a bit for curb appeal.
It’s important to bear in mind that you don’t have to have a front door that is painted the same color as the rest of the house and in fact, it can be a bit interesting to choose a color that is a good contrast from the rest of the house, though this doesn’t mean that you can just choose any color and go with it.
Ultimately, you’re going to probably be the best at determining what looks good as far as front door colors go in contrast with the rest of your house.

2. Add A Front Porch (Or Expand Your Current Front Porch)

If you’re familiar with the hit television show Scrubs that was on a few years ago, there was an episode where the main character wanted to buy a house but couldn’t afford it, so he ended up buying a porch on some land to start.
Porches are a place where people can enjoy spending time and reading a book or having a drink and talking or just sitting and relaxing, particularly on a pleasant day.
If you already have a porch, you can improve your curb appeal by expanding your porch to be larger and more accomodating of guests.

3.Replace Lighting On Your Porch

Speaking of porches, have you looked at the lighting that is currently being used to illuminate your porch — how old is it?
Often you can do a great deal of good to your curb appeal just by replacing the lighting on your porch — if the porch lighting looks like it came off of the set of That 70’s Show, it may be time to replace it.
In addition to boosting your curb appeal, having new lighting on your porch can bring down the cost of your monthly electric bill as more efficient lighting systems typically use less electricity.

4. Paint The Shutters

Painting your shutters is another fairly simple way to improve your curb appeal — and here too you don’t have to have shutters that are the same color as the rest of your house.
Indeed, having shutters that are a contrasting color to your house color can be thought of as a positive, as you will be able to distinguish the shutters from the rest of the house.
Typically this is the kind of job that you can expect to take place over the course of at least a weekend or two, so try to make time to do this to better your home.

5. Trim The Bushes And Trees

There are some who think that having bushes and trees in their yard is all it takes to improve their curb appeal, and that no work actually needs to go into the upkeep of these magnificent works of nature’s art.
That is not the case at all, as if you leave them unchecked you will have bushes and trees that look wild and unkempt, and that just isn’t a good look for the house.

6. Get A New Mailbox

Depending on how old your mailbox is and the possible requirements of a home owner’s association, you may or may not be able to get away with replacing your mailbox with a better-looking one.
Of course, if your current mailbox is falling apart, it would behoove you to replace it in any case.

7. Clean The Roof

A clean roof is not only good for your curb appeal, it’s good for the health of your roof.
What you have on your roof can cause damage to your roof over time and ultimately lead to water leaking into your home, which can then cause damage to your ceilings and get water damage on them.

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