7 Tips To Save Money While Painting Your Living Room in Shelby Township, MI

When you’re thinking about ways to improve the look of your home interior, one way to do so is to paint your interior walls.

Your living room, for example, is an excellent room to paint — but sometimes such a painting project can be quite costly.

With the right measures taken, however, you can save money and get an equally good paint job done.

With that being the case, here are seven tips to save money while painting your living room in Shelby Township, MI.

1. Using Borrowed Equipment

When you are painting the interior of your living room, there is a good amount of painting equipment that is involved, ranging from the paint rollers to the pans in which you load up said paint roller — and depending on the quality of the equipment, this can be quite costly.

When you think about it, if your painting project is the one time you’re planning on painting the interior or exterior of your home, it doesn’t make much sense to spend that much money on equipment just to have it sit in a closet somewhere unused.

If you have friends that paint more often than that, you can certainly borrow a set of equipment from someone — so long as you clean it properly, there should be no reason for you not to be able to borrow it.

2. Mis-tinted Paint For Discount

When people go to a paint store and request a specific shade of paint, they will provide specifics for what they want but on occasion, the request is not precisely met and the customer doesn’t end up liking what the paint store has mixed for them.

When this happens, it would be a big loss for the store to just take that paint to the recycling center to be properly recycled (more on this later) so what they do is sell that paint at a discount.

That discount is your to take advantage of, so long as you don’t mind not having much of a say in what color you get.

3. Recycled Paint Centers For A Bigger Discount

The best thing that people can do when they have paint to dispose is to take it to a place to be properly recycled.

These centers process paint in an environmentally sound manner but they will allow people to take it away, usually free of charge, as it will save them from having to recycle that paint — better to have something reused than recycled.

It is worth mentioning that here too, you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to what color you’re going to get but if you are flexible on the color, it’s possibly one of the best sources for your paint.

4. Measure Twice, Paint Once

One of the places where people make a big error during the painting process is the preparation and getting ready to paint your living room walls.

People will for example just sort of guess how much paint they will need and then one of two things usually ends up happening — they buy too much paint, and then they have a bunch of paint that is entirely useless to them for a long time, and the possibility that they buy not enough paint.

Buying not enough paint means that you have to take time out of your day during the painting process and going to the store to buy more, and hoping that they have it.

5. Proper Covering And Precaution

When you’re painting your living room, it’s urgent that you take all of the necessary precautions to cover things and otherwise protect the things inside.

One way you can do this is to use the right kind of floor covering — heavy enough that it doesn’t shift about when you walk and having the right kind of plastic lining so that paint doesn’t just go right through it.

Other things you can do to protect the interior of your living room include removing the electrical plates from your outlets and the light switch coverings and covering the openings with painter’s tape.

All of these various precautions serve to help you save money — as getting things covered in paint can be a costly thing indeed.

6. Don’t Rush Your Paint Work

One thing that causes a big disaster in the painting process is not waiting long enough to paint a second coat — you need to wait for the first coat to dry, as well as the primer coat to dry before you apply the first coat of paint.

Not allowing paint to dry leads you to big messes and ultimately will mean that you will have to re-paint, which is more costly than if you paint it correctly the first time around.

7. Get Better Quality Paint

It’s surprising to many that higher quality paint actually ends up costing them less in the long run than run of the mill cheaper paint.

Better quality paint is easier to use and generally speaking lasts longer, which is good in that you don’t have to paint as often — meaning you ultimately save money.

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