7 Tips For Exterior Commercial Painting in New Baltimore, MI

Exterior commercial painting is a way to transform your commercial space into a better and more fresh looking space in only a handful of simple steps. It’s important to do the job right, though, as you could need to start from the beginning again if you commit some easy to make errors in the process of your commercial painting. We commit this blog to help you circumnavigate those errors and, to the best of our ability, show you what to avoid and what to while commercial painting.

That being the case, here are seven tips for exterior commercial painting in New Baltimore, MI.

1. Planning and Budgeting Are Key

Though it is said that we can find great things in life that are entirely free, and this is a fantastic thing, it’s important to remember that when we are doing exterior commercial painting, we will not have such an easy time finding free and that we should plan and make tight budgets for our painting project. It’s fundamental to know exactly what the project is going to be because otherwise, it is just about impossible to figure out how much the project will ultimately cost. Of course, as with any business enterprise, the cost that we expect is not going to necessarily be related to the cost that ultimately appears on the bill, so to say. Still, our job is to bring the costs down as much as possible without making the quality dip too much.

2. Make Sure The Area Is Fully Cleaned

A dirty commercial space is one that will not be easy to paint, and when it comes to commercial painting, you will want to make sure the area in which you’re painting is adequately cleaned. So too the walls should be clean and free of things like oil, grease, and the like.

3. Sand The Walls Until They Are Smooth

Sanding is one of your best tools when you are commercial painting in that when you have a smooth surface; you have an easier time painting. Don’t skip this crucial step while painting.

4. Primer Is Still Fundamental

Though we get a good surface from using proper sanding techniques, it’s important not to discount primer paint as this can make a huge difference between a high-quality paint job and one that will have to be redone in a couple of years. Do yourself a favor and make sure you use a primer before painting your commercial property.

5. Canvas Drop Cloths Will Save Your Sanity

Drips can get anywhere, and when you are painting an exterior, you want to make sure it doesn’t get to places where it shouldn’t, like plants. Plants are not only difficult to clean, but you could harm them — and then they need to be entirely replaced.

6. Consider All Health And Safety Issues While Planning

Health and safety are two critical fundamentals to the workplace, and when you are doing exterior commercial painting, this should not stop being the case. It’s imperative to remember health and safety when considering the equipment you will use during the painting process, and what sort of paint you will use.

7. Caulk Any And All Cracks Before Painting

If you have cracks in the property’s exterior, they will need to be caulked appropriately before you begin the painting process. The caulking process is not entirely too tricky or labor-intensive, but it is something that needs to be done first as you should not paint over cracked walls. TD Painting and Wall Covering employs professional painters that offer industry expertise that allows your painting project to be done correctly with commercial-grade materials, equipment, and techniques. Let us help you with your next painting project. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate for your next industrial or commercial painting project! Related: Avoid These Mistakes Before Hiring A Commercial Painter in Chesterfield, MI Improve Your Commercial Space with Interior Painting Tips and Tricks to Hiring a Commercial Painter in Chesterfield, MI
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