7 Tips And Tricks To Cleaning Your Ceiling in Rochester, MI

When you are in the course of cleaning your ceiling — and it is something that needs to be done periodically, even though it seems to be one of the more difficult surfaces to get dirty (as you have little to no contact with it) it helps to have some idea what you are doing before you get started.

Going into such a cleaning project without any sort of plan may seem like no big deal but it could lead to the cleaning taking unnecessarily long and possibly getting things ruined that should not be.

With this in mind, let us look at and consider seven tips and tricks to cleaning your ceiling in Rochester, MI.

1. Use A Bristle Brush Attachment For Vacuuming

One of the things you should consider doing in the process of cleaning your ceiling is vacuuming, which can be really helpful in getting the bigger bits of dust off of your ceiling.

As you will be trying to avoid scratching the surface of your ceiling while vacuuming, you should consider using a bristle brush attachment that typically comes with your vacuum cleaner as it might not only prevent the ceiling from getting scratches, but it may well clean the ceiling better than trying to clean it without any attachments.

2. Taking Care Of Cobwebs

A substantial cobweb may be just a bit too much for a vacuum cleaner to take care of in an easy manner, you may have to resort to other methods.

There are good quality brushes that you can use to reach up to the ceiling and remove the cobwebs quickly and with ease — these are called cobweb brushes for that reason.

3. All Purpose Cleaner And Water For Oily Ceilings

Though you may be wondering how oil would get up to the ceiling, it is not out of reason, particularly when you are looking at the ceiling of a typical kitchen.

Really the only way to take care of such an oily residue that can be found on your ceiling is to take a good mop and to apply a solution of all purpose cleaner and water and then properly scrub the ceiling until the oil has been removed.

Once you have done this you can wipe the ceiling once more with clean water to remove the soap residue and then allow the ceiling to fully dry.

4. Avoid Moistening Popcorn Ceilings

Though cleaning ceilings is important of course, if you try to use the same methodology of using damp cloths or a mop to clean a popcorn ceiling, you may find yourself with bits of the ceiling coming off and toppling upon you.

The better thing to do for this kind of ceiling is to use the same vacuum cleaner with a soft brush mentioned above and use it to fully clean your ceiling.

5. Microfiber Duster To Properly Dust In Between Cleanings

For a quick job of getting a bit of dusting done in between the more thorough vacuuming of your ceilings and washings, you should consider a microfiber duster to get a bit of dust off of your ceiling.

The benefit of using a microfiber duster is that it is more gentle than other kinds of dusters in terms of getting small bits of dust off of the ceiling and will allow the dust to cling to the duster.

6. Do Not Use Too Much Pressure

When you make use of a cleaning cloth to wipe the ceilings clean, you need to be quite careful not to scrub too hard as you work.

The problem with pushing too hard is that you run the risk of pushing the dirt right into the ceiling rather than removing it.

You should make an effort to be gentle as you work on the ceiling.

7. Drips Means Too Much Cleaning Solution

When it comes to cleaning your ceiling using any sort of cleaning solution, whether it is one that you make yourself or one that you purchase for the purpose of cleaning, you are better off not using too much.

If you want to know if you are using the right amount of solution, a fairly easy way to be sure is to see how the solution looks as you apply it to your ceiling — if you find that it is literally dripping off of the ceiling, you will know that you are using too much and to apply less.

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