5 Tips For Safely Using Scaffolding in Chesterfield, MI

When you’re looking to paint or otherwise remodel your home, you sometimes need to access higher up places on or in your home for prolonged periods of time, and you find that a ladder just isn’t sufficient to handle it.

In these cases, you can find companies from which you can rent or purchase scaffolding (most people will only rent it as it takes up quite a lot of space) but it is important to be careful with how you use the scaffolding as you can get injured if you don’t follow certain safety protocol.

With that being the case, here are five tips for safely using scaffolding in Chesterfield, MI.

1. Start With A Good Foundation

One of the key elements in being safe when you are on your scaffolding is to start off by being sure that you are on steady ground — literally!

This is the case whether you are operating on the outside of your house or the inside — if your scaffolding isn’t stable it could come tumbling down and bring you down with it.

For scaffolding that is outside, you will want to do your best to start on ground that is as level as possible, and only placing the scaffolding on lengths of lumber if hard surfaces are not available.

Even when you are putting together scaffolding indoors, it’s important to make sure that the ground is level — and if it is not, you need to adjust the scaffolding using the screws which are part of the assembly process.

2. Wood Planks Are Not Scaffold Planks

When you are putting together your scaffolding, you will need not only the scaffolding structure but the planks upon which you will be standing as well as holding things that will be used during the painting or remodeling process.

The thing to bear in mind is that you cannot use just any kind of planks for putting together scaffolding but rather specific planks made for scaffolding.

Doing otherwise is a threat to your own health and safety and not something you will want to do for properly building scaffolding.

3. Do Not Move The Scaffolding While Anyone Or Anything Is On It

There is scaffolding that can be moved about, in that it can be built with wheels on the bottom that enables you to roll it from one area to another.

The important thing to bear in mind is that for the sake of safety you cannot have anyone or anything on the scaffolding while it is being moved.

It’s true that it can be a bit inconvenient to remove things (and have people get off) in between moving the scaffolding but if you plan it well enough you should be able to maximize the time you spend on the scaffolding before you need to move it.

4. Be Sure To Wear Safety Belts And Lanyards

When you are high up on scaffolding, there are steps you can take to make sure that you are more safe than not.

Specifically, you need to have a safety belt on when you are up on the scaffolding, and certainly if you have the scaffolding up more than ten feet up in the air as it would be quite dangerous to fall from such a height.

5. Be Considerate Of Scaffolding Weight Limits

Scaffolding, like just about any structure, has a fixed weight limit — and it is important that you respect these limits as you could seriously damage the scaffolding if you go over it.

By keeping the weight you put on the scaffolding to under the weight limit, you will make sure that you will be safer while making use of the scaffolding.

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