5 Tips For Avoiding A Mess While Interior Painting in Macomb, MI

When you’re looking to paint the interior of your home, one thing that will come up on occasion is that depending on how you do it, more or less of a mess can be made.

The thing that some people don’t realize is that these sorts of messes are not entirely necessary, if you have some information on your side and you know what you are doing.

With that being the case, here are five tips for avoiding a mess while interior painting in Macomb, MI.

1. Painting More Slowly

The one thing that people often don’t take into account when they’re painting is the speed at which they are painting, and the effect that the speed of their painting has on the resulting paint work.

The truth is that when people rush through their painting work, mistakes are often made — this can mean that the paint is applied too thick, too thin, or even outside where it needs to go.

When that is the case, of course, you have to go back and correct over the mistakes that were made — and these mistakes can be in the form of a mess that you’re going to have to eventually clean.

2. Painting From A Painting Tree

There are a lot of time saving steps that people will take in order to make their painting jobs go more quickly.

One such time saving step that people think is worth taking is to paint their home interior taking their paintbrush or paint roller and taking the paint directly from the bucket rather than to make use of a paint tray.

Their reasoning is that since they will be using one fewer paint related tool, it will mean that there will be one fewer thing that needs to be cleaned.

The reality is that you’re going to have a more difficult time applying the paint to the brush or roller, and you’re going to increase the chances that the paint will spill.

3. Using Heavy Drop Cloth

Though there are many ways that you can cover the floors and other surfaces that aren’t going to be painted, using heavy drop cloth is one of the better ways to do so.

This is because when you use covers that are lighter, you run the risk of the covers moving around as you walk, exposing the surfaces that you are trying to protect.

Worst of all, you might not even notice that you have moved the covers until after you have made a mess.

This is all the more problematic because often getting paint off of certain surfaces can be that much more difficult the longer it stays exposed.

4. Cleaning Before Painting

One thing that people might not associate with the painting process (but absolutely should) is the preparation that goes into it — you can’t just start painting immediately.

When you don’t take the time to clean the surface that is going to be painted, you can sometimes find yourself applying paint overtop things such as even the fine dust that can be there.

This dust mixed together with the paint can make for an awful mess — and it’s something that can be avoided if you take the time to clean.

5. Stirring The Paint (Not Shaking It)

Even though one of the ways that your interior paint initially gets color added to it involves a certain kind of shaking, trying to shake the paint to mix it yourself can make for a mess.

This is because the kind of shaking that you may try to do at home is not like the professional paint shaking efforts.

When you shake the paint at home you most likely will add bubbles to your paint and those bubbles will be quite visible when you are painting.

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