The living room can be one of the more challenging rooms in your home to paint as it can be a place where you spend much of your time when you are home.

Nights and weekends provide a time for you to have company over and when you have them over, you are going to want to make sure that your living room is looking its best.

With the right set of preparation, you can have a solid living room that will be fantastic for all of your entertaining and just day to day living needs.

Let’s now consider five ideas for painting your living room in Rochester, MI.

1. Black

Black isn’t always the most obvious color to paint a living room as it seems a bit of a drab and dark color, but it can actually liven up a living room if you do it right.

The trick to painting a living room wall set black is that you are going to want to find some right accent colors to go along with the black, such as gold.

Once your walls have those right accent colors, your living room is sure to be one of the ones that dazzles when people spend time in it.

2. Green

The color green is one that you won’t find in a lot of living rooms now but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bring this life full color into yours.

Green is the color of forests and bushes and trees if you think about it, having that amount of green in a room that has the word living in it makes perfect sense.

In addition to having the walls be the color green, it would be helpful to have some very green houseplants in the living room to help add more green to the green that is already there.

3. Gray

Gray is an interesting color for your living room, representing in the mind of some a sort of neutral aspect yet without being too strong.

Gray is the color that some people will gravitate to if they don’t want to go with white and yet they want to have some color that is not too strong.

Pick gray if you aren’t committed to having too much of a color yet you definitely don’t want to do white for one reason or another.

It can help get a little color into your living room without putting too much of it in there.

4. Purple

Purple, on the other hand, is the royal and majestic color that is exactly as colorful as you think it is.

It is such a fantastically strong color that it basically takes over the room if you decide to go with it.

To many it brings to mind the late musician Prince, who was often associated with it especially after recording the song and film Purple Rain, the song version apparently having been recorded live in front of an audience who didn’t even know that it was going to be played.

5. White (Perhaps Eggshell Or Another Off White If Plain White Is Too Plain)

Plain) Even though white can be considered to be a bit of a dull color by those who think about it in terms of being vanilla, it can be a pretty interesting color when you remember that there are many shades of white out there and that you don’t have to stick to just one of them.

Look at colors such as eggshell or one of the many off white colors that compliment the colors in the rest of your home and you will find that you’ll be able to make your living room a most pleasant place to spend time and entertain guests from time to time.

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