5 Expert Tricks For Painting Exterior Trim in Macomb, MI

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, there are different aspects that need to be taken care of — and the trim is one of them.

Exterior trim refers to all of the little details around the exterior of your home that make it more aesthetically pleasing — the lines that keep your home from looking like a large solid color.

Painting exterior trim is not quite the same as painting the rest of your exterior and so it bears having some advanced knowledge of what you’re doing so you get it right.

That being the case, here are five expert tricks for painting exterior trim in Macomb, MI.

1. Use The Right Paintbrush For The Job

Not all paintbrushes can handle the paint work that you need them to — and when you are looking at doing the exterior trim painting, this is especially the case.

Just as it wouldn’t make much sense to try to use a small paintbrush that is meant for painting figurines to paint the exterior of your home, it makes little sense to try to paint the trim of your home using the same paintbrush that you use to paint the rest of the exterior.

Such a paintbrush is far too large for doing trim paint work — you need a specific paintbrush that is meant for painting trim instead.

2. Prepare Trim Prior To Painting

Just as the exterior walls of your home need to be properly prepared prior to being painted, so too the exterior trim of your home needs to be prepared before you begin the painting process.

In this case, you are going to have to scrape off the paint that is on the exterior trim — if the previous homeowners weren’t aware of this step, it’s entirely possible that you’re going to have to scrape off more than one coat of paint that had been painted on the exterior trim.

Depending on the size of your home, you may need to use a power painter shaver to do this.

3. Primer Is Key

Just as you must apply a coat of primer when painting the rest of the exterior of your home or just about any time you are engaged in a painting project, so to you must apply a coat of primer when you are working on the trim of the exterior of your home.

Primer is something you use to establish a smooth surface when painting and it is just as important when painting your trim as any other painting job.

When painting your exterior trim you should be mindful to use a kind of primer that is oil based, which tends to get into the wood of your home exterior better.

You may wish to start with a water repellent that is paintable prior to applying the coat of primer.

4. Work From The Top

By working from the top down, you’re going to be sure to avoid making a mess of the work that you have already done earlier.

Going up from the bottom, on the other hand, tends to allow for the smudging of the paint as you are painting the exterior trim on your house.

5. High Sheen Finish For The Exterior Paint

When you’re painting the exterior trim of your home, you’re going to want not just a color that will stand out from the rest of the house but also a kind of paint that will stand out.

If you want to do this well enough your best bet is to go with a high sheen finish such as a gloss and semigloss paint.

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