5 Dos And Don’ts For Interior Painting in Shelby Township, MI

Painting the interior of your home can be a rather difficult thing — there are so many factors that go into interior painting and if things go wrong, you can end up taking more time engaged in the project than anticipated.

It should also be noted that a failure to do things of this nature could also allow for your painting project to be considerably more expensive than it would if precautions were taken.

With that being the case, here are five dos and don’ts for interior painting in Shelby Township, MI.

1. Do: Take Measurements Before You Do Anything Else

The absolute first thing that you are going to want to do before you start on your painting project is to take measurements of what you are going to be painting.

This is true whether you are painting the walls of your interior or you are painting a cabinet, a set of cabinets, or even your ceiling.

The reason you should take measurements is that you’re going to want to know how much paint you will need for your interior painting work, which is quite useful as having too much paint is not a good thing and having too little… well, it will obligate you to run out and hope you can secure more of the same.

2. Do Not: Paint Over A Dirty Or Wet Surface

The painting process requires you to start off with a surface that is entirely clean and dry.

You don’t want to even think about painting over a dirty surface to begin with — all the primer you can apply to the surface will do you no good if you are putting it on top of a grimy surface.

There are many ways to clean the surface that you are looking to paint, but whichever way you choose you then need to allow time to pass for the surface to completely dry.

Attempting to paint a wet or even moist surface is a mistake and can lead to paint problems like bubbles forming on the surface of your paint work that you pretty much can’t correct easily.

3. Do: Invest In Good Paint Brushes And Rollers

Equipment plays a large part of painting the interior of your home, and two of the most important pieces of equipment are your paint brushes and paint rollers.

Though there are many great things that you can get from the various dollar spots and bargain and discount stores, one thing you want to absolutely shun is paint brushes and paint rollers.

Using low end paint rollers, for example, will often lead to bits of the roller — the fluffier parts, if you will — to shed off of the roller and end up in the paint.

4. Do Not: Rush Painting

Painting can be a rather long and somewhat tedious process, but the last thing you would want to do is to rush through that process.

Trying to get your paint work done sooner by painting faster is going to come back to bite you in the long run and possibly even make it so that it will take longer to get the paint work done because of having to clean up after mistakes that you make from rushing.

Take the time to paint more slowly and you will find that you make far fewer mistakes and this ultimately means that you will do a better job with it.

5 : Do: Protect Your Surfaces

Even the best painters in the world who have been painting will have paint drips — it’s part of the painting process.

What doesn’t have to be part of the process is letting things get stained by the paint you are using to paint the interior of your home.

If you properly protect your surfaces prior to painting, you will notice a tremendous difference in that you will not see your floor get paint on it, nor your furniture that you are not able to remove from the room prior to painting.

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